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Information from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers website which flood victims may find useful to sign up for the proposed class action:

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Time to register for EI class action 19 December
Coroner hands down findings into Rockhampton  Hospital death 6 December
Federal Court approves Nufarm $46.6m class action settlement 28 November
Multi-million dollar settlement reached in NAB CDO class action 9 November
Equine influenza class action

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Maurice Blackburn is a Queensland law firm that makes a genuine difference to people's lives. We fight for fair because we believe the world isn't a fair place, and our clients deserve someone to stand up for them. We believe Queenslanders affected by the floods deserve a fair go.

We believe big banks and big businesses shouldn't take advantage of everyday Australians. We fight back for workers' rights throughout Queensland, and we'll fight back for you.

Many Maurice Blackburn lawyers are Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists, and senior lawyers oversee claims. Your local lawyer has a tenacity to fight the tough fight and the compassion to help you though a difficult time in your life. They understand your common law and other legal issues and have the support of an expert national team.

It's never okay to be ripped off, wronged, bullied, stood over or exploited. We've been fighting it all since we opened our doors. So if it's time for you to fight back, do it through us.

Have you been affected by the use of surgical mesh?

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