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Press Releases and Announcements - 03 February 2011

Maurice Blackburn exploring potential Qld floods class action

Press Releases and Announcements - 03 February 2012

Maurice Blackburn exploring potential Qld floods class action

National class action law firm Maurice Blackburn today confirmed it is investigating a potential class action against the operators of the Wivenhoe Dam over the January 2011 floods in South East Qld.
Maurice Blackburn Principal Damian Scattini said:
"The new evidence that has recently come to light at the Floods Commission raises serious questions about the conduct of the operators of the Wivenhoe dam during the January floods crisis in 2011. 
"It is important we get to the truth of the matter so that the thousands of people who have suffered property loss and damage, and loss of business revenue and profits get some answers and can claim compensation if the conduct of the dam operators led directly to unnecessary flooding," said Mr Scattini.
"Maurice Blackburn has an unrivalled record in conducting large scale litigation and we will continue to monitor the new evidence, as it emerges over the course of the Commission's hearings.
"There are still complex issues, including the impact of alternative release strategies on flood levels, which need to be further investigated to clarify the legal options for affected households and businesses, which could include a no win, no charge class action.  This investigation will take some months.
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is representing the interests of the Fernvale and Surrounding Communities Action Group at the Floods Commission.
We have already given advice to hundreds of people with their rejected insurance claims arising from the 2011 Queensland floods.
Flood victims who are interested in collective action to achieve fair compensation should go to: 
or  1800 809 600.

January 2011 Queensland flooding investigations
The floods of early 2011 in southern Queensland caused widespread devastation to communities along the Brisbane River. Recent evidence has confirmed the views of a number of parties investigating the event that the operators of the Wivenhoe Dam may have been negligent in the way that they allowed releases of water to occur, which may have caused or exacerbated the flooding that was experienced. If this is proven, then people who suffered losses as a result may have a right to seek compensation.
Slater & Gordon represents a number of victims of the flooding, and for the past several months has been investigating the legal options available to people whose properties have been lost or damaged in the flood.
Given the scale of the disaster, a large number of people may be able to seek compensation if it can be proven that some or all of the flooding was the result of negligence. If you would like to register your interest and find out more about your legal options, please contact us below to reach a member of our team.
Please note that no legal action will be commenced until the Commission of Inquiry delivers its final report in March, and the nature of any such action will depend heavily on the Commission's findings.
Contact us to receive further updates
If you or your family suffered losses as a result of the flooding and wish to register your interest with Slater & Gordon please use the form below. We will send an email update to registrants once we have further information.
By registering your interest, you will not be obliged to become a client of Slater & Gordon, or be liable to pay any legal fees. On completion of the registration process Slater & Gordon will provided registrants with an information bulletin regarding the next steps.
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