31 December 2012

The year that was: Queensland politics in 2012

Flood inquiry steals spotlight
The commission, headed by Court of Appeal judge Catherine Holmes, called a new round of hearings on the eve of its reporting deadline after fresh claims Wivenhoe Dam engineers mismanaged water releases into Brisbane River in the lead up to the city’s floods.
Four engineers came in for tough questioning during the hastily convened extra hearings amid allegations they provided misleading information about when specific dam release strategies were activated.
The inquiry’s final report, handed to then-premier Anna Bligh just a week before voters went to the polls, suggested the Crime and Misconduct Commission should look at charging three of the engineers over their post-flood claims.
But the CMC would later announce in August it had decided against laying charges, pointing to the badly drafted dam operating manual from which the engineers were working.

720 days since the 2011 Brisbane River Flood

It is now 720 days since the flood of 11 January 2011 which devastated thousands of homes and businesses in Ipswich, Goodna and Brisbane.
And it is 11 days till the second anniversary of this horrifying event.
The question for flood victims in 2013 is whether or not the Premier Campbell Newman will honour his commitment as Opposition Leader when the Flood Report was released earlier this year to ensure that flood victims are fairly treated.

Premier Campbell Newman
Or will he and his Government be dragged kicking and screaming up the steps of the Queensland Supreme Court at the receiving end of a class action by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers?
Only time will tell if Campbell Newman is an honourable and trustworthy politician.

30 December 2012

Water reforms from midnight tomorrow

Three SEQ bulk water entities will merge from midnight tomorrow night.

Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle said merging the three SEQ bulk water entities (Seqwater, LinkWater and the SEQ Water Grid Manager) and abolishing the Queensland Water Commission, would reduce the cost of supplying drinking water across the region.

Peter Borrows
The new entity will be known as Seqwater - the same name as one of the bodies it replaces.
There is no word yet on the fate of Seqwater CEO Peter Borrows and whether or not he has received the prestigious New Year's Honours Award of the Royal Order of the Boot!


29 December 2012

Latest SEQ Dam levels

The following table provides the latest available information about the region’s dams. Information about the major dams is updated Monday to Friday around 9am, the smaller dams at least weekly. Dam levels are not updated on weekends.

For information about flood levels, contact your local Council. For information about road impacts, contact Transport and Main Roads.

For information about river levels, please see the Bureau of Meteorology website.

28 Dec 2012


Full Supply Capacity (ML)*

Current Capacity (ML)

% Full

Latest Observation

Grid Twelve2,220,1812,058,31292.728/12/2012 00:00AM
The Grid Twelve is made up of the 12 dams which contribute to the water supply system. These dams are Wivenhoe, Somerset, North Pine, Hinze, Baroon Pocket, Leslie Harrison, Ewen Maddock, Cooloolabin, Lake Kurwongbah, Lake Macdonald, Little Nerang and Wappa.
The Grid Twelve % Full is calculated by dividing the combined current capacity of the dams in the group by the combined full supply capacity.
*Full supply capacity does not include the flood mitigation storage capacity of Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams.
Please note the capacity of the Hinze Dam increased from 161,073 ML to 310,730 ML on Friday 15 July 2011.

28 Dec 2012


Full Supply Capacity (ML)*

Current Capacity (ML)

% Full

Latest Observation

Atkinson Dam30,40126,57387.428/12/2012 06:00AM
Baroon Pocket Dam61,00048,03078.728/12/2012 09:38AM
Bill Gunn Dam6,9475,66881.628/12/2012 06:00AM
Borumba Dam45,95243,82795.427/12/2012 07:15AM
Bromelton Dam8,2106,35677.428/12/2012 07:25AM
Cedar Pocket Dam73044160.528/12/2012 06:00AM
Clarendon Dam24,27620,57184.728/12/2012 09:04AM
Cooloolabin Dam13,80011,66084.528/12/2012 08:27AM
Enoggera Dam4,5674,46697.828/12/2012 09:26AM
Ewen Maddock Dam16,58710,13161.127/12/2012 06:15AM
Gold Creek Dam80174793.328/12/2012 08:09AM
Hinze Dam310,730267,83686.228/12/2012 07:00AM
Lake Kurwongbah14,37010,45272.728/12/2012 07:30AM
Lake Macdonald8,0186,02875.228/12/2012 09:21AM
Lake Manchester26,21725,60197.728/12/2012 07:23AM
Leslie Harrison Dam24,86821,35585.928/12/2012 07:00AM
Little Nerang Dam6,7055,92788.428/12/2012 07:00AM
Maroon Dam44,31942,08795.028/12/2012 06:00AM
Moogerah Dam83,76574,69589.228/12/2012 06:00AM
Nindooinbah Dam32229692.028/12/2012 08:25AM
North Pine Dam214,302201,73094.128/12/2012 07:00AM
Somerset Dam379,849372,76598.128/12/2012 06:30AM
Wappa Dam4,6944,43094.428/12/2012 09:30AM
Wivenhoe Dam1,165,2381,097,96794.228/12/2012 07:00AM
Wyaralong Dam103,00097,55494.728/12/2012 09:29AM

Cheap homes around Brisbane after 2011 flood

House hunters watching their pennies can buy a three bedroom, weatherboard home within 15 kilometres of the CBD for around $300,000.

Such houses do exist, but there’s a catch.

They sit in the flood-prone suburb of Rocklea.

The home of the Brisbane Markets, where the median house price is $306,761, remains the most affordable suburb within 15 kilometres of the CBD, according to figures released by RP Data.

Prices in the area plunged in the order of 20 per cent after Rocklea was ravaged by Brisbane’s January 2011 flood.

Memories of the flood haven’t faded, according to Ray White agent Bernadette Howe.

‘‘But there are people who are willing to take the risk,’’ she said.

‘‘For some - young couples in particular - it’s all they can afford so close to the city and they see the suburb as the place to make their first step onto the property ladder.

‘‘Of course they’re very hopeful the suburb won’t flood in the next 10 years.’’

Meanwhile, Keperra is considered the most affordable suburb on the northern side of the river.

Coronis Realty agent Kelly Qualtrough said the suburb, nestled between Arana Hills and Upper Kedron, had once been dominated by housing commission properties and was therefore overlooked by buyers.

‘‘I’m seeing what happened to Stafford many years ago, where all those housing commission homes in the suburb were sold off, now happening to Keperra,’’ Ms Qualtrough said.

The median house price in Keperra is just over $400,000.

The suburbs of Nathan, Salisbury and Mount Gravatt are among the most affordable within 15 kilometres of the CBD on Brisbane’s southside.

Chermside West, Chermside, Virginia, Stafford and Stafford Heights are the most affordable suburbs in the city’s north.

Dutton Park, another suburb heavily affected by Brisbane’s flood, boasts the most affordable units within a 15 kilometre radius of the CBD.

RP Data research analyst Cameron Kusher said Brisbane’s market had remained flat yet volatile throughout 2012.

Over the past five years, Brisbane home values have declined at a rate of 0.4 per cent each year, he said.

‘‘There’s been no growth in the market since late 2007, so there is definitely a level of affordability returning to the Brisbane market,’’ he said.

New Act allows contaminants to be released during future Queensland floods

The Economic Development Act 2012 (ED Act) was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 29 November 2012.

In the First Reading Speech Jeff Seeney stated:

“Our government has committed to building a four-pillar economy for Queensland. Enacting the Economic Development Bill will equip us with the legislative tools necessary to identify and drive development projects that contribute to a strong and sustainable State economy...”

Overview of the ED Act

The ED Act amends legislation administered under the State Development, Infrastructure and Planning portfolio to meet the Government’s election commitments to drive economic development in Queensland.

The ED Act makes changes to the State’s planning and development process including:

Temporary Emissions Licences that may be granted to authorise the relaxation of approval conditions issued under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) to authorise the release of contaminants during an emergency, as a response to the recommendations made by the Queensland Floods Commission following the 2010/11 floods.



28 December 2012

SES helps storm and flood victims

SES look over a roof that was blown off a house.

We usually only take notice of the high-vis orange overalls when we need them most but there is a lot more than meets the eye to the State Emergency Service.

Emergency Management Queensland Brisbane region area director John Hannan said the valuable community asset was always in need of more volunteers with a role for everybody in the service.

"It's been a good year and there have been some significant activities the SES have been involved in,'' he said.

"Your looking at thing like the Daniel Morcombe search and Baden-Clay search...as well as the usual round of storm damage operations as well.

"Some people might be put off because they think `I can't see myself up on a roof', or `I can't see myself driving a flood boat' and we do have those very high profile and demanding and challenging activities.

``At the same time, if people just want ot come along and be community members, if they want to get involved in fund raising or community awareness or administration or operating radios, if that's what their confident and comfortable doing, there's a job for people to do that.

``The best thing is working for the community and the satisfaction you get from doing a job for other people.

``Then there's the friendship, companionship that comes out of it and a real sense of achievement.''

For more information, visit emergency.qld.gov.au/ses or contact 3635 1890.

SES training includes:

General rescue
Urban search and rescue
First aid
Map reading and navigation
Working at heights
Storm response
Chainsaw operations
Debris cleanup
Land search
Airborne search observation
Traffic control
Rescue from heights and depths
Vertical rescue
Flood boat operations
Road crash rescue
Team leadership
Incident management
Emergency welfare
Community education




9 Redfern Street Morningside


66 Wilston Road Newmarket


Stumers Road, Mt Crosby

Moreton Island

48 Moreton Street, Bulwer

North Eastern

280 Lancaster Road, Ascot

South Western

Corner Governemnt Road and Rudyard Street Ellen Grove


Corner Beaudesert Lillian Avenue Salisbury


14 Josling Street (Perrin Park) Toowong


Arana Hills

The Neighbourhood Centre, James Drysdale Reserve, Jinker Track Bunya

Bribie Island

First Avenue Bongaree


Machinery Parade Caboolture

Deception Bay

Old Bay Road Deception Bay


3 Woonara Drive Petrie


Portwood Street Redcliffe



Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve


54 Thorn Street Ipswich


Mt Walker Road Rosewood


M Verrenkamp Road Marburg


34 Martens Street Beenleigh

Logan Central

5 Garfield Road Woodridge

Logan East

26-36 Winnets Road Daisy Hill

Logan Village

3812-3818 Mt Lindsay Highway Park Ridge QLD

Logan West

Beaudesert Road Park Ridge



27 December 2012

Countdown on for flood-ravaged Coles in the heart of Ipswich

Store manager Ken Lothian is excited that the
new Ipswich CBD Coles is nearing completion.
AN OPENING date has been set for one of the most longed-for commercial projects in Ipswich's history.

The massive new Coles superstore in the Ipswich CBD is scheduled to open on Wednesday, February 6.

Rising from the mire of the flooded centre of Ipswich after the 2011 floods, the 6000sq m store is expected to be the retail saviour of the CBD.

Surrounding stores have reopened after the floods, but have struggled, waiting with hope for the stimulus from the sprawling superstore.

Store manager Ken Lothian was like a proud father as he gave the QT a sneak peek of the impressive Ipswich Coles superstore.

"We're on track to open on February 6 at this stage," said Mr Lothian as he walked around the extensive two-level building.

"The internal is way ahead of the external so we can keep working inside while they get to work on the external.

"We had a meeting the other day with a couple of key retailers in the downtown part of Ipswich and they're very excited about us reopening.

A lot of this area hasn't got going again after the floods while this has been closed so this should revitalise this part of town.

New Coles Ipswich
Main features of the superstore include a huge apparel section and a fishmonger, butcher and baker in an extensive market-style area at the rear of the store.

The market alley reflects the changing nature of Australian food shopping; open like a marketplace so customers can see everything.

That includes cheeses, salads, olives, deli products, a flame chicken rotisserie and fresh fish on ice with a chef to give tips on how to cook it.

 "We've obviously got the usual supermarket lines, but the big change that separates it from other supermarkets is the Mix line of clothing and a really big general merchandise section as well," Mr Lothian said.

"There are 286 parking bays, which is basically double what used to be here, and that's good for the community as well.

The recruiting process is all online. We're on track for 300-350 staff with an indigenous training program as well.

"I've done a lot of inductions with staff which is the initial stages and now they are in training at the various stores around the place.

"We'll do a lot more in the new year and then we'll leave the school and uni students until last."

There is two levels of parking, one a quick-stop area at store level, and the other underneath, with both having access to both Brisbane and Limestone Sts.

Floodwater came about half-way up the first level last January so to that extent the building has been flood-proofed.

There is a cluster of enormous rainwater tanks on that level to catch storm water from the massive roof.

The water will be used in the superstore's toilets and the excess can be slowly released into the city's water supply system. There is a coffee shop just inside the front entrance and also a Liquorland bottle shop.

Features of the open-plan building include LED lighting, special roof insulation and movement-activated light switches in back-room areas to save electricity use.

After the former store was inundated in January 2011, engineers realised a new store would have to be built above the flood line.

Last October, the old Coles was demolished and work started on the first Coles superstore in Queensland.



Quotable quote

26 December 2012

Emergency Management and Recovery

In Australia, natural disasters such as flood, fire and earthquakes can strike without warning, so it's important to make sure your business is resilient in times of crisis.

Emergency management planning is more than just planning for natural disasters - it's a way to operate your business.
A business should know its strengths and weaknesses and put strategies in place to adapt to any likely scenario.
The good thing is you don't have to plan for emergencies on your own. There is plenty of advice and support available to help you.
Our Emergency management and recovery topic guides you through the steps you need to take to prepare, take action and recover from emergencies.
Our MyBizShield iPad app provides a template to help you get started with the practical steps to protect your business. Download MyBizShield for free now.
Don't own an iPad? Visit our planning templates page to download a Word version.



25 December 2012

Rain and thunderstorms possible across Queensland for Christmas Day including Ipswich and Brisbane

QUEENSLANDERS are being urged to keep an eye on the weather as they sit down to Christmas lunches.

The Bureau of Meteorology is expecting rain and possibly thunderstorms for most of the state.

Forecaster Ben Annells says there will be widespread showers and some heavy falls in the tropics to the north, while a trough moving up from NSW could generate thunderstorms in the southern inland parts of the state.

The Bureau issued a preliminary flood warning last night with rainfall totals of up to 70 mm/hr recorded yesterday afternoon between Ingham and Innisfail.

Further heavy rainfall was forecast to continue overnight and into this morning across the coastal and adjacent inland catchments between Cairns and Ayr.

Mr Annells said the heavy rain and thunderstorms could reach the state's southeast coastal areas, including Ipswich and Brisbane.

"We're just advising people to keep an eye out on the skies and listen out for any warnings that may be issued for any parts of the state," he said.

"That applies to pretty much all of the state.

"There is the potential of seeing some severe thunderstorm activity."

The mercury is tipped to be slightly higher than average in the south, while north Queenslanders are expected to receive a slight reprieve from the balmy temperatures they're used to.

Mr Annells says the temperature in Brisbane is expected to hover around 30 to 35 degrees Celsius.



Merry Christmas to the people of Greater Goodna

Cr Paul Tully

Merry Christmas to the people of Greater Goodna, Ipswich and Brisbane.
To all victims of the disastrous floods of January 2011 and their families, my wife Liza and I wish you a very special Christmas and we trust that 2013 will be better for you than 2011 and 2012.
Hopefully, the New Year will bring a positive announcement regarding the proposed legal class action by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.
Stay strong and have a happy and peaceful time during the festive season.

- PaulGTully@gmail.com

Cr Paul Tully   LLB  JP (Qual)  MMIA  MMA
Councillor for Division 2
City of Ipswich

18 Queen St
PO Box 1
Goodna QLD 4300

Queensland's Longest-serving City Councillor 1979 - 2012


24 December 2012

Floods force more people to sleep rough around Greater Goodna

Russell Witham with Sue and Ernie Welfare who are
 a part of Access which helps to feed the disadvantaged.

IT'S an ever-increasing problem across the south-west.

More pensioners, young adults and families are being forced to seek charitable help or even sleep it rough.

They are camping under bridges, in tents and caravan parks - not knowing when they will see their next meal or hot shower.
 Darra-based charitable organisation Access is seeing a steady rise in the number of needy families.
The Christian organisation feeds more than 1500 families across Darra, Goodna and Inala each week and hands out bags of fresh fruit and vegetables to about 40 pensioners.
Pastor Russell Witham said there were people in need of help but they were unaware of the service.
"We fill our bags with a good variety of food including eggs, vegetables, mushrooms and more.
"We also teach people the gospel because drugs are a major issue."
Volunteer Sue Welfare, who has been helping to feed the homeless since the 2011 floods, said the circumstances in which many people lived were "heart wrenching".
She said the rising cost of living, including rates and power, were major factors behind the increase in homelessness.
"You don't realise how many there are until you pull up in the van and they all come out of hiding," she said.
"While there are many in the city, there are also lots in the suburbs hiding under bridges and living in parks.
"I love helping them and seeing their faces light up when we give them a hot drink or a blanket."
For more information about Access phone 0415 467 137 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0415 467 137 FREE 



23 December 2012

At last! Colleges Crossing is open after 2011 flood

Liam Smith leaps around one of the new
play grounds at Colleges Crossing.
The recreation park has reopened.

IPSWICH'S favourite pleasure ground - Colleges Crossing - is back better than ever and ready to see families whoop it up.

The recreation area was inundated and obliterated during the 2011 floods but lots of money and hard work have created an even better park.

Liam Smith, 7, of Oxley, was the first to try out the play equipment yesterday, just before Colleges Crossing opened to the public.

Liam came with his dad Ian and Ian's mates who brought their dogs for a play on their day off from work.

 "We just thought we'd come down and bring the dogs for a swim," Mr Smith said, as Liam played.

 It's the first time I've been here but we were just saying we're going to come here all the time now. It's a nice spot.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said Ipswich City Council had received tremendous financial support from the Queensland Reconstruction Authority since it was established soon after the January 2011 flood to administer allocations of federal and state funding to local councils.

"The much anticipated $11m restoration of Colleges Crossing has been made possible with funding of $9m under Natural Disaster Recovery and Relief Arrangements, a joint federal (75%) and state (25%) government initiative," Cr Pisasale said. "The remainder has been funded by council

"Practical completion this week allowed the majority of the park to open, and access will be through the original entrance.

"Safety fencing has been removed, but some sections of the park may remain closed to allow the finishing touches to be completed.

"The kiosk will not open until early next year."

Official opening celebrations are being planned for late February or early March when the community will be invited to take part and thank the many organisations for clearing the mountain of debris left by the flood.



Latest SEQ Dam levels


The following link provides the latest available information about southeast Queensland's dams:
SEQ Latest and Historical Dam Levels

Information about the major dams is updated Monday to Friday around 9am, the smaller dams at least weekly. Dam levels are not updated on weekends.

For information about flood levels, contact your local Council:

For information about road impacts, contact Transport and Main Roads.

For information about river levels, see the Bureau of Meteorology website.

22 December 2012

Second anniversary of deadly 2011 floods to be private affair

Last year's dawn service at Grantham for flood victims.

COMMUNITIES across the Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley will hold private memorial services next month to commemorate the second anniversary of the tragic floods which claimed 25 lives.

On January 10, 2010, a wall of water tore through Toowoomba killing two people who became trapped in their car at a city intersection.

Later that afternoon, an inland tsunami tore through Murphys Creek, Postmans Ridge, Helidon and Grantham before continuing on to Ipswich then Brisbane.

It has been described as one of Australia's worst natural disasters.

The tiny town of Grantham in the Lockyer Valley was the worst hit with 12 residents loosing their lives.

Grantham resident Julie Johnson said the community wanted to do something out of the glare of the nation to mark the second anniversary.

"The community wanted to do something low-key to mark the anniversary where they can pay their respects in private," Ms Johnson said.

"January 10 will always be a memorial day.

"After a small service, we will gather in the park and have a community lunch.

"The community definitely did not want any pressure or a big hoo-hah to mark the second anniversary," she said.

Ms Johnson said the community had slowly started to move on with their lives.

"It will certainly be a day of reflection for many people," she said.

"Where the memorial is placed it is very symbolic for the families of those who lost loved ones.

"The day will be about moving forward but also paying respects to those who lost their lives," she said.

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio said no plans had been made to mark the anniversary in the city.

"We certainly want to remember those who lost their lives," Cr Antonio said.

"The impact of the floods in this region was enormous.

"We also want to keep the awareness going that Toowoomba can flood," he said.

It is understood that Federal Attorney-General and Minister for Emergency Management Nicola Roxon will visit the region on January 10 and meet with Cr Antonio and his Lockyer Valley counterpart Cr Jones.



Free flood search for all Brisbane and Ipswich properties - Online 24/7

Do you want to verify what the owner or real estate agent has told you?

Are you buying a property in Brisbane or Ipswich?

Do you want to check the flood levels of your property?

Are you curious about flood levels across a particular suburb?

Check the flood level of a property free online 24/7:


Click here



Click here

21 December 2012

Today's SEQ Dam levels

The following table provides the latest available information about the region’s dams. Information about the major dams is updated Monday to Friday around 9am, the smaller dams at least weekly. Dam levels are not updated on weekends.

For information about flood levels, contact your local Council. For information about road impacts, contact Transport and Main Roads. For information about river levels, please see the Bureau of Meteorology website.

21 Dec 2012


Full Supply Capacity (ML)*

Current Capacity (ML)

% Full

Latest Observation

Grid Twelve2,220,1812,066,34193.121/12/2012 00:00AM

The Grid Twelve is made up of the 12 dams which contribute to the water supply system. These dams are Wivenhoe, Somerset, North Pine, Hinze, Baroon Pocket, Leslie Harrison, Ewen Maddock, Cooloolabin, Lake Kurwongbah, Lake Macdonald, Little Nerang and Wappa.
The Grid Twelve % Full is calculated by dividing the combined current capacity of the dams in the group by the combined full supply capacity.
*Full supply capacity does not include the flood mitigation storage capacity of Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams.
Please note the capacity of the Hinze Dam increased from 161,073 ML to 310,730 ML on Friday 15 July 2011.

21 Dec 2012


Full Supply Capacity (ML)*

Current Capacity (ML)

% Full

Latest Observation

Atkinson Dam30,40126,91388.521/12/2012 06:00AM
Baroon Pocket Dam61,00048,81080.021/12/2012 09:30AM
Bill Gunn Dam6,9475,73282.521/12/2012 07:40AM
Borumba Dam45,95244,15596.121/12/2012 07:15AM
Bromelton Dam8,2106,35677.421/12/2012 07:26AM
Cedar Pocket Dam73045962.921/12/2012 06:00AM
Clarendon Dam24,27620,68185.221/12/2012 06:00AM
Cooloolabin Dam13,80011,80085.521/12/2012 08:52AM
Enoggera Dam4,5674,47297.921/12/2012 08:28AM
Ewen Maddock Dam16,58711,44069.021/12/2012 09:13AM
Gold Creek Dam80175093.721/12/2012 08:09AM
Hinze Dam310,730268,37386.421/12/2012 07:30AM
Lake Kurwongbah14,37010,63574.021/12/2012 07:00AM
Lake Macdonald8,0186,13676.521/12/2012 09:21AM
Lake Manchester26,21725,70398.021/12/2012 09:23AM
Leslie Harrison Dam24,86821,43986.221/12/2012 06:30AM
Little Nerang Dam6,7055,82086.821/12/2012 08:00AM
Maroon Dam44,31941,98894.721/12/2012 06:00AM
Moogerah Dam83,76574,38488.821/12/2012 06:00AM
Nindooinbah Dam32229090.021/12/2012 08:25AM
North Pine Dam214,302202,79694.621/12/2012 07:00AM
Somerset Dam379,849371,51597.821/12/2012 09:31AM
Wappa Dam4,6944,46495.121/12/2012 09:30AM
Wivenhoe Dam1,165,2381,103,11494.721/12/2012 07:00AM
Wyaralong Dam103,00097,70794.921/12/2012 07:30AM

Current and historic dam levels:



Get ready for bad weather and emergencies over the Christmas holiday period

GET ready! That is the message Emergency Management Queensland is reinforcing these school holidays.

While many people are taking time off to be with family there is still a need to be prepared for adverse weather or other emergency situations.

EMQ Moreton Bay Region area director John Hannan said there were four steps to preparing for emergencies.

Preparing a household emergency plan, preparing an emergency kit and evacuation plan, preparing your home and staying tuned into warnings was vital, Mr Hannan said.

He said having emergency phone numbers or other contact details was key to preparing a plan.

``You need to have those numbers available on the fridge or in your evacuation kit,'' Mr Hannan said.

``There are a range of things people need to prepare for - things that can happen all through the year.''


* Life-threatening emergencies: Phone Triple 0 from landlines or 112 from mobile phones.

* SES flood and storm assistance: Phone 132500.

* Brisbane City Council: Phone 3403 8888.

* Moreton Bay Regional Council: Phone 3205 0555.

* Ipswich City Council: Phone 3810 6666.

* Logan City Council: Phone 3412 3412.

* Fires: To report a fire phone Triple 0; For news and bushfire alerts visit www.fire.qld.gov.au

* Road conditions and closures: Phone 131940 or visit www.131940.qld.gov.au

* Power supply/outages: Dangerous situations or downed power lines phone 13 19 62; Loss of supply phone 13 62 62.

* Weather and warnings: Phone 1900 969 922 or visit www.bom.gov.au

* Wildlife emergencies: Phone 1300 130 372.

* Animal welfare concerns: Phone RSPCA Inspectorate on 3426 9971 or 1300 852 188 or Queensland Primary Industry call centre on 3239 3111.

* Tsunami warnings: Phone 1300 878 6264.

* Health and hospital information (non-urgent): Phone 13 43 25 84.

* Telstra: To report faults and damage to Telstra property phone 132 203.

* Optus: Phone 1300 307 937.



The new Seqwater can't be any worse than the old Seqwater

Coat of Arms
Media Release

Minister for Energy and Water Supply
The Honourable Mark McArdle

Taps on for new Bulk Water Authority

The State Government has announced the name for south east Queensland’s (SEQ) new single statutory bulk water authority which will commence operations on 1 January 2013.
Minister for Energy and Water Supply Mark McArdle said “Seqwater” had been chosen for its cost-efficiencies and ease of transition for the new entity, its customers and suppliers.
“Seqwater will replace three former water authorities, LinkWater, the South East Queensland Water Grid Manager and the former Seqwater,” Mr McArdle said.
“The Queensland Water Commission (QWC) will also be abolished on 31 December 2012.
“The new Seqwater, which will be staffed by committed and trained professionals, will commence operations on 1 January 2013 with a commitment to excellence in service delivery and catchment management at the lowest possible cost.
“Legislation covering Seqwater’s operations is in place, and between now and New Year’s Day, the necessary administrative changes will be finalised to wind up the existing entities and transfer responsibility to Seqwater.”
Mr McArdle said Seqwater would focus on creating a safe, reliable, sustainable and lowest cost possible water supply that met the needs of SEQ’s three million water users.
“Amalgamating the former entities and abolishing the QWC to form a single bulk water supply authority servicing SEQ will reduce board and executive costs and enable the new business to rationalise administrative and corporate costs,” he said.
“Creating the new Seqwater delivers on the Government’s election commitment to simplify the complex, costly bulk water supply sector and reduce cost of living increases pressures for SEQ households.”
Mr McArdle said the new Seqwater had a charter to deliver effective planning and efficient infrastructure.
“Seqwater will deliver the Government’s vision to plan properly for south east Queensland’s future water needs and in early 2013 will develop its corporate strategy and plan setting out its objectives and priorities and their expected outcomes,” he said.
“Cutting duplication and creating a single, more streamlined water authority will result in improved planning and efficiencies for the state’s future water needs.
“This will ultimately translate into less upward pressure on water prices, which will benefit Queensland families who have battled rising water charges for several years.”

21 December 2012

COMMENT: Who will be the CEO of the new Seqwater?  Will it be the current CEO Peter Borrows who was in charge during the disastrous Brisbane River flood of 11-12 January 2011?

Terrible flood

Cr Paul Tully -
promising to continue
to help local flood victims.
It is almost 2 years since the devastating Brisbane River flood of 11 and 12 January 2011.
The Greater Goodna Flood Group was established to help all flood victims to get back on their feet as part of a support network with Goodna Flood Friends.
Goodna was the worst affected suburb in southeast Queensland last year with over 600 homes and businesses destroyed.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2013 as we all stick together and provide the mutual help and support which has been forthcoming from our local community during the past two years. - PaulGTully@gmail.com

Now, just for a little fun at Christmas time:

It had been raining for days and days and a terrible flood had come over the land. The waters rose so high that one man was forced to climb onto the roof of his house.

As the waters rose higher and higher, a man in a rowboat appeared, and told him to get in. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the rowboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.

The waters rose higher and higher and suddenly a speedboat appeared. "Climb in!" shouted the man in the boat. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the speedboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.

The waters continued to rise. A helicopter appeared and over the loudspeaker, the pilot announced he would lower a rope to the man on the roof. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the helicopter went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.

The waters rose higher and higher and eventually they rose so high that the man on the roof was washed away, and alas, the poor man drowned.

Upon arriving in heaven, the man marched straight over to God.

"Heavenly Father," he said, "I had faith in you, I prayed to you to save me, and yet you did nothing. Why?"

God gave him a puzzled look, and replied "I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more did you expect?"